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Technical Details

Algorithm: Scrypt
Block time: ± 90 Seconds
Max Coins: 133,333,333,333
Difficulty re-target Time: 12 hours (every 480 blocks)
Every 100k blocks, the payout halves
Talk to me like a pro


Although you should know better than to download dubious software from dubious sites, here are the download links to the wallets. This software is released under some vague go fuck yourself public license. Best of luck.

Windows Installer
The all-in-one installer, read more about it here
Windows (.zip)
The Old And Original One
Linux QT-Wallet
Compiled from source on Ubuntu 14 32bit. May not work on more recent versions of Linux.
Linux Daemon Only
Compiled from source on Ubuntu 14 32bit. May not work on more recent versions of Linux.
Other linux versions:
Here's a collection of builds, install notes, scripts, everything your nerdy little linux heart may desire for these Distro's:
Mac OS X
Hey, if you have a Mac... that's okay! Really!!
Source code
Download or view the source code on GitHub. Note that this is actually still the same repo as back when it was announced! This repository may be the one "official" thing still left by The Original Devs.
Bityecoin repository
A new repository and some active development! It currently contains 3 repositories with various differences. They all should play nice with the old wallet, but running customized wallets (or anything else for that matter) from github obviously doesn't come with any guarantees.


Coinye on BitCoinTalk
A very active place for people to discuss Coinye. Different bounties, developed support and other news is announced here!
Block Explorer
Where you can actually see the beating heart of Coinye: the Block Chain!!
Coinye Unofficial
An alternative site about Coinye with an actual forum.
Wikipedia: Coinye
That's right! It's on Wikipedia, so it must be true!!!
Coinye on
Home of the reddit Coinye tipperbot and as many gayfish as you can imagine!
Coinye related groups on Telegram: started out as some scammy advertisement, but attracted a few genuine gay fish nontheless Chat for coinye enthusiasts, usually a good place to get support, both technical as well as mental.
IRC - Currently unavailable... :(
Unfortunately the good old #CoinyeCoin channel on Freenode is not available anymore... unfortunately with it, died Botye the IRC bot and the chat-box on this site... Sorry for the inconvenience, and we'll be looking for an alternative hopefully soon.
For all you tinkerers, mad scientists and digital alchemists, here's a block-explorer that lets you explore this tiny little testnet we're running.


You wish...
If you know of an exchange that would be willing to list Coinye, that'd be awesome!!

Mining Pools

Ohhhh yes! There's a new mining pool!!! Check it out:

Hell yes! Get mining you fishdicks!


Only one faucet still operational... The never-dying GayFishBot:

Tweet your receive address and @gayFishBot, and the GayFishBot will pick up your tweet and reward it with an amount of Coinye (somewhere between 10 and 140 Coinye) and usually an insult or two.


Sometimes when you're unhappy and lonely, and your wallet won't synchronize, know that you're not alone in BrokeBack Ocean. Add these nodes to your config file, to make your wallet connect to active nodes, and make it synchronize again.

The Coinye wallet is based on (an old version of) the LiteCoin wallet. Unfortunately you can't add nodes in the debug-window (yet), but you can add them to your coinyecoin.conf file. The format under config is what you need to paste (the extra info after # is just seen as comment/ignored).

On restart the client will try and connect to all nodes specified in the config and ask them for more nodes, so one working node should be enough to get you started. (See these instructions for more info.)

ip port city country client 41338 Perth AU /Limper Fishdicks(a): 41338 Campbell US /Limper Fishdicks:1.6.0/ 52832 Erie US /Limper Fishdicks:1.6.1/ 50910 Chicago US /Satoshi:0.6.4/ 43270 Dallas US /Limper Fishdicks:1.6.1/ 51337 Tulsa US /Limper Fishdicks(a): 64165 Geneva US /Satoshi:0.6.4/ 41338 Zoetermeer NL /Satoshi:0.6.4/
2a02:a469:c2e2:1:447b:96ff:fe40:8e81 50778 Diemen NL
2a02:a469:c2e2:1:acb0:17ff:fede:8d14 60882 Diemen NL /Satoshi:0.6.4/

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coinye?
Coinye is a cryptocurrency like BitCoin, or rather like LiteCoin. Basically: it's currency using the internet.
Is Kanye West involved?
No, the Coinye is running independendly. Kanye West has clearly inspired the original Coinye, but as he refused to take part in it's development there is no involvement whatsoever.
Where is the REAL official site?
As with all cryptocurrencies, Coinye is just a peer-to-peer network. It runs by itself (or rather it's ran by all its users collectively), so there is no authority to who has the real official site. Incidentally, the guys who started Coinye are still anonymous.
I heard about Coinye and that it died after Kanye sued it?
Lies! Fake news! First of all, Coinye is alive and never stopped. Secondly nobody actually got sued; some angry letters were sent by Kanyes lawyers. The Original Devs left after the first week, and still remain anonymous to this day. Some other people signed some agreement never to get involved in or talk about Coinye again in exchange to not get sued.
What's all this stuff with gay fish and fishsticks
Much of the joke originates from South Park Season 13 episode 5. It's a good place to start.